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TOUR IRELAND with DAVID FRANCEY on an Inishfree Irish Music Tour
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Upcoming tours:
June 7 - 16, 2024
Oct 6 -15, 2024
April 30 - May 9, 2025
Oct 18 - 27, 2025

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What David has to say about touring Ireland:

"I love doing the Irish tours. They have become one of the highlights of my year. The country is a gem a place, blessed beyond measure with beauty and culture. The trad music we encounter along the way is truly outstanding. Heard live, we are treated to insights into both the musicians and their songs.

The company I get to keep while running the roads of Ireland is as enjoyable as the landscape, interested and interesting folks with eyes and hearts open to this incredible experience. I have made life long friends from around the world on these tours. 

Paddy Downes and Stoney Walls, our Irish connection tour guides are a joy to spend time and miles with.  No finer friends to be found. Along with the stalwart driving and historical commentary, there are many laughs.

The bus we are on is always about the happiest bus in Ireland on any given day. Understandable, given we’re always off to somewhere great while in the best of company. 


I would love to have you see this beautiful country and hear it’s brilliant music with me."

~ David

Read David's notes from David's first tour in 2011 - he had so much fun he never looked back!

I led my first Ireland tour August 2011 with Craig Werth and was joined by friends and fans. We traveled through one of the most beautiful places on earth— the south and west coasts of Ireland where we saw rugged coastlines with crashing waves, calm beaches, roadways lined with flowering hedgerows, timeless stone walls and more. As the tour folks warned us I’ll never take the color green for granted again!

Well, the tour exceeded all expectations. What a splendid tour our Enchanted Way trip turned out to be. Friends from as far away as Australia, across Canada and the US, piled on the bus and enjoyed ourselves every day. Staying at three excellent hotels in Counties Cork, Kerry and Clare, and taking three day trips from each, we wound through the country side and history of this beautiful island nation. We were never far from the sea or the past. I will write a bit more about the trip shortly, but just wanted to say that it turned out to be the best holiday I have had in years. I so enjoyed the crew on the bus, the spontaneous laughs that rolled through it daily, and the general camaraderie of being among friends. I think none of us will forget the trip or the bond we built together. Our guide and driver, Mick and Paddy were kind, patient and funny men both, playing a large part in the success of the tour. They went from hosts to friends very quickly. Each offered historical and local knowledge. Our stop at Skibbereen in Co. Cork, the epicenter of the Great Irish Famine was a tremendous revelation to me.

Craig and I played and sang in the pubs at night, and heard some of Ireland's finest. Outstanding music on offer for the entire trip, and a ready-aye-ready crowd to sing along.

The trip was truly unforgettable and I am already looking ahead to next year's tour. Many thanks again to Tom Piggott for his foresight and conception of these unique holidays. I am especially grateful to have enjoyed such a special time, in such a special place.

Thanks again to all the boys and girls on the bus. You were a joy to spend time with. Thank you so much for joining us.


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