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Thoughts on Lonely Road from Francey's The Broken Heart of Everything Album ~Jeff Robson

There are some great songwriters who seem to be able to reach inside of my heart and mind and put into words the things that I never could. I need those songs always, but sometimes more than others. This new song by David Francey comes to me at a time when I feel like I really need it. When I listen to David's songs, I know that he really understands me and the things that I've felt and lived through. They've brought me joy & comfort at some of the best & worst times of my life. I'm not sure which this is right now, but I know that this song is EXACTLY what I need. Every David Francey song has been a masterpiece. But every once in a while, something comes along that seems extra special. This is one of those. I've listened to this thing a lot of times already. I expect many more to follow. Thank you for this and so much more, David Jeff Robson, Tell the Band to Go Home


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