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Right of Passage - CD

"The songs on this album address the different paths my life has taken, both good and bad. Some were written from experience gained aboard an Algoma Central ore carrier. Some were written about people I met out on the road or the places I ended up. Some are memories recalled and described. All deal with transitional moments in life, mileposts on the hopefully long march where we all earn our 'right' of passage." David Francey

Right of Passage - CD

  • 1 Leaving Edmonton , 2 Ballad of Bowser MacRae, 3 Kansas, 4 A Conversation, 5 Waves, 6 Ferry to Cortez, 7 New Jerusalem , 8 The Gate, 9 Stone Town, 10 Promised Land, 11 Their Wedding Day, 12 Under the Portland Weather, 13 All Lights Burning Bright

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