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Seaway - CD

"In late May of 2005 David Francey and Mike Ford were granted the incredible opportunity to spend two weeks aboard the MV Algoville. The captain and crew of this 750-foot bulk carrier of the Algoma Central Laker fleet allowed us to witness life onboard first-hand. They sailed from Montreal to Thunder Bay and back along the Saint Lawrence Seaway and the majestic inland sea of the Great Lakes. This CD is a collection of songs inspired by that trip.

Seaway - CD

  • 1 Banks of the Seaway , 2 Eastern Gap, 3 The Chief Engineer, 4 The Seaway, 5 The Unloading, 6 Climbing Up to The Soo, 7 Dustless Road to the Happy Land , 8 The Parting, 9 There’s No Rush, 10 Canal, 11 The Ballad of Bowser MacRae, 12 When You’re The Skip, 13 Ashtabula, 14 21st Century Great Lake Navigators, 15 The Bottom of the Great Lakes, 16 All Lights Burning Bright

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