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Skating Rink - CD

"["Skating Rink"] … is something of a tour de force, a collection of 13 reflective pieces that contain countless compelling observations, yarns, confessions, hopes, dreams and regrets, all wrung from lives, homes and landscapes that are hauntingly familiar, undeniably Canadian." Greg Quill, the Toronto Star

The songs on Skating Rink are drawn from various stages of my life. Most were finally written down at the kitchen table where, if you look out the window, you can see the lights of the skating rink throwing at least a small part of the world into sharp relief.

Skating Rink - CD

  • 1 Skating Rink, 2 Broken Glass, 3 Exit, 4 Come Rain or Come Shine, 5 Midway, 6 Belgrade Train, 7 Streets of Calgary, 8 Evening News, 9 Grim Cathedral, 10 Annie's House, 11 Valley's Edge, 12 Nearly Midnight, 13 A Winter Song

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