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The Broken Heart of Everything - CD

David Francey’s new album, The Broken Heart of Everything, showcases his extraordinary skill as a lyricist. His so-good-they-could-be-traditional melodies, and themes of the camaraderie of small-town life, the drudgery of the daily grind, the pride in an honest day’s work, the sadness of losing loved ones, the joy of close family connections, and the quiet strength of mature love have struck a chord with audiences around the world.

The Broken Heart of Everything - CD

  • 1. Poorer Then, 2. Night and Morning, 3. The Flower of Colonsay, 4. Lonely Road, 5. I Know it Won't, 6. Blue Sorrow and Then Some, 7.Come Sunday, 8. Where Harry Sat, 9. Only Love, 10. Walking in Jerusalem, 11. Moon Over Melbourne

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