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Torn Screen Door - CD

"Torn Screen Door, David Francey's debut release, filtered slowly - mostly by word of mouth - out across Canada… It brought with it, instant credibility." Les Siemieniuk, Penguin Eggs

"David Francey's Torn Screen Door CD is one of the very best albums I've heard. I've found words and melodies from the album going through my head again and again. Find it and buy won't regret it." Vic Bell, the Nickelodeon, Calgary, Alberta

Torn Screen Door - CD

  • 1 Border Line, 2 Hard Steel Mill, 3 Sorrows of the Sailor, 4 Blue Water, 5 Saints and Sinners, 6 Sumach Street, 7 Wind in the Wires, 8 Gypsy Boys, 9 Red-winged Blackbird, 10 Working Poor, 11 St. John's Train, 12 Gypsy Boys Reprise, 13 Torn Screen Door, 14 Long Way Home

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